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The Supreme will finally clarify whether the maternity benefit is taxed or not for personal income tax

> The Madrid TSJ has ruled that the subsidy is exempt.
> Finance and the TSJ of Andalusia argue that it is subject to tax.
One of the great legal and tax conflicts in recent years is closer to the end. The Supreme Court will decide…


As of 2019 the new pensions will suffer an automatic cutoff when applying the sustainability factor linked to the life expectancy

La ministra d'Ocupació insisteix que no es veurà minvada la pensió inicial, però la veritat és que els càlculs amb els que treballa ara mateix el Govern contemplen una reducció inicial del 0,45%.
A aquesta mesura se’n sumen d’altres…


Criteria for active retirement after Law 6/2017, of October 24, on urgent reform of self-employment

In relation to full active retirement are essential conditions for accessing it, as a formula to make work compatible with the retirement pension at 100%
• Being part of the autonomous regime because it is limited only to this group.