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Thank you for visiting our site. We’d like to offer you a brief explanation of how our company started life, of our work philosophy and of the services we offer.

Our company was created by a team of professionals with very deep roots in the local area who specialise in the problems that SMEs typically have to deal with. Initially operating in the counties of Girona, their diligent work gained them a strong reputation and extensive experience in the Industrial, Trade and Services sectors.

Through their formidable expertise in labour issues, the founding partners of our company aim to place their professional enthusiasm at the service of company managers throughout the area, helping them to innovate and adapt to the significant transformations taking place in the labour world today.

A strong focus on service, rigour and professionalism are the keys to our own success and to that of our customers.

Our business group, composed of corporate and labour consultants, has been offering its expertise to companies, independent professionals and freelancers for 45 years. Thanks to the services we provide, dealing with the constant stream of new and complex regulatory developments in the sector, our customers can plan the comprehensive and forward-looking management of their businesses.

Our work philosophy can be summed up as “a job well done”. That’s why our team, comprising qualified professionals in different specialities (law and labour relations), aims to offer customers a top quality service, whatever the size of their business, providing continuous assistance in order to deal with any problems that arise.

We provide our customers with direct, bespoke assistance, ensuring that they get the best service.

We’re always on hand to deal with any queries. Please don’t hesitate to book an appointment in order to discuss the needs of your business.