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Our team, composed of technicians, consultants and lawyers specialising in labour law and social security administration, offers an integrated service for companies, freelancers and individuals.


  • All the labour-related queries and issues raised by our customers are professionally and expertly dealt with.
    • By drawing up a labour report that includes the main indicators related to the customer’s personnel, they will be able to make the best decisions in respect of managing their human capital. The report is composed of the following:

> Evolution of the workforce
> Distribution according to sex and age
> Contract types
> Labour costs
> Salary dispersion
> Job restructuring analysis
> Analysis of absenteeism

  • If your company has a human resources manager, we can offer any complementary advice they may need.


Our technicians take care of all your company's labour-related procedures and formalities:

  • Registration of company with TGSS (General Treasury of the Social Security)
    • Adding & removing self-employed persons and domestic workers
    • Processing of REA (Register of Accredited Companies)
    • Social security registration of the company’s new workers
    • Drafting of work contracts and contract extensions
    • Calculation of salaries
    • Salary cost summary reports
    • TGSS contribution payment documents
    • Management of sick leave
    • Access to the website for the customer and for the worker
    • Direct payments
    • Completion of official forms 111 (quarterly income tax withholdings) and 190 (income tax withholding annual summary)
    • Access to benefits (unemployment, subventions, etc.)
    • Special collective bargaining agreements
    • Paperwork for foreign workers (processing of NIE-Foreigner ID Number, proof of social integration, etc.)
    • Coordination with the customer’s occupational health and safety entity.
    • Updating of collective bargaining agreements
    • Access to and management of official portals: Cont@, delt@ and contrat@
    • Communication with the TGSS (General Treasury of the Social Security) through the new Siltra system
    • Processing of digital certificate of natural persons or corporate entities
    • Provision of any complementary advice required


The professionals in our legal department handle the following:

• All types of dismissals
• Drafting of disciplinary letters and warnings
• Processing of disciplinary records
• Drafting of business codes and protocols
• Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and company agreements
• Management of work inspectorate requirements and appointments
• All kinds of administrative and legal appeals
• CMAC (Mediation and Arbitration Centre)
• Legal defence in court
• Private lawsuits
• Drafting of due diligence reports
• Analysis and drafting of labour compliance
• Management of election process of worker representatives
• Retirement studies


Application that facilitates flexible and economical staff presence control.

Computer application that will allow you to consult, in a single click, all the data of your workers.