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Our technicians take care of all your company's labour-related procedures and formalities:

• Registration of company with TGSS (General Treasury of the Social Security)
• Adding & removing self-employed persons and domestic workers
• Processing of REA (Register of Accredited Companies)
• Social security registration of the company’s new workers
• Drafting of work contracts and contract extensions
• Calculation of salaries
• Salary cost summary reports
• TGSS contribution payment documents
• Management of sick leave
• Access to the website for the customer and for the worker
• Direct payments
• Completion of official forms 111 (quarterly income tax withholdings) and 190 (income tax withholding annual summary)
• Access to benefits (unemployment, subventions, etc.)
• Special collective bargaining agreements
• Paperwork for foreign workers (processing of NIE-Foreigner ID Number, proof of social integration, etc.)
• Coordination with the customer’s occupational health and safety entity.
• Updating of collective bargaining agreements
• Access to and management of official portals: Cont@, delt@ and contrat@
• Communication with the TGSS (General Treasury of the Social Security) through the new Siltra system
• Processing of digital certificate of natural persons or corporate entities
• Provision of any complementary advice required